• What is the production lead time from McSign?

    · Normally 3 weeks after order confirmation when raw materials are in stock or at standard supply situation
    · An addition of 1 or 2 weeks on top of the standard lead time for the first shipment if customized packaging demand like logo, labels and box printing are required.
    · Additional time to be advised on special items and or at customer specification
  • What are the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    · For color vinyl, window film, and car wrap: 10 rolls of 50M (500M) per color or multiple of 10 rolls, minimum 2 pallets / 100 rolls
    · For digital print materials and lamination: 20 rolls of 50M (1,000M) per width and minimum of 2 pallets / 100 rolls
    · For textured digital wall covering: 10 rolls of 50M (500M) per texture or multiple of 10 rolls, minimum 1 pallets / 40 rolls
    · For specialty products, different sizes, different cores etc.: please talk with our sales representatives
  • What are the pallet sizes available?

    · 1620mm x 1100mm for 1520/1540mm rolls
    · 1450mm x 1100mm for 1370/1400mm rolls
    · 1380mm x 1100mm for 1270/1370mm rolls
    · 1250mm x 1100mm for 1220/1065/1100mm rolls
    · 1100mm x 1100mm for 914/940mm rolls
  • How many rolls can be loaded in a container?

    · Loads to be best calculated using its measurement and weight, talk with our McSign sales representatives to give you the best estimates:

    o 20ft
    § Measurement: L: 5900mm; W: 2350mm; H: 2390mm
    § Max load capacity: 30CBM or 1100cuft
    § Max load weight: 17,500 kgs (38,500 lbs)

    o 40ft
    § Measurement: L: 12030mm; W: 2340mm; H: 2380mm
    § Max load capacity: legal weight limit comes before max load space reached
    § Max load weight: 25,000 kgs (55,000 lbs)